01 April 2011

One Yard Wonders

I love, LOVE, this book.  SO MUCH!

I have a list of projects that I still want to make, but I did already check a few off my list. Like the Summer Nightie/Tank Top.  (P.137)  And my new sewing machine cover.  (P. 83)   I made one for my serger too, but I still need to hem it.

And my cute new jewelry roll( p.122)...  first attempt at zippers was a complete success.  Now I want to make little zipper pouches for everyone I know.  Watch out!
And my fab new laptop case(P. 100)!  This might be my fav.  I used some left over pieces and the remaining binding from my quilt.  I might make a sleeve for my Kindle now too.  

There are still quite a few more things on my to make list, but I think I made a good start!