19 November 2010


I am a sucker for lists.  A sucker.  I make lists for everything.  I carry a notebook in my purse.  All the time! When I have to downsize for fancy occasions, I kind of go into panic mode...  It's a little frightening!

This weekend, I have a list.  The hubs is heading to the lake to keep hunting, so I plan on some VERY serious sewing.  I have a big list.

See, it's big, and this is only part of it, because somethings can't be added to that list because people might see.

My list also includes Apple Cookies and Pumpkin Cookies, when I'm not sewing, oh, or knitting, cause I have some of that to do, too.  I also get to puppy sit for the next week.  Our friends are going on a family vacation so Atlas is staying at our house.  This was taken tonight, about an hour after I brought Atlas home.  I think they might be friends by tomorrow :-)  Just maybe...  (uh, yeah, that's some of the fleece for the blankets.  There is another bag the same size next to it.)

I will miss these two furry faces this weekend though.  I took this a couple of weekends ago at the lake.  They were watching me eat breakfast.  Cute, right?

Have a happy and productive weekend!

10 November 2010

An adventure with wool

So, here's the story...  My dad went to Ireland in September of 2009.  Before he left I asked him to bring me back Bono, or The Edge, or yarn.

Fast forward 2 weeks...  He's home and so excited to show me the yarn he picked out.  Then he says to me in an Irish accent, "I thought you would make me a waistcoat!"  He looks like a kid on Christmas morning, rubbing his hands together and everything.  Oh, so you actually bought yourself some lovely wool in Ireland in the hopes that your wonderful daughter would be gracious enough to take the time and make you a vest.  I see how it works.  (plus I still have 3 different kinds of yarn waiting for the perfect projects from the last time mom was in Ireland)...oops.

We finally found a pattern.  It's from Knit Simple Holiday 2009, P. 75.

 I punished him by making him hold all 4 hanks while I wound them in to balls.  He blissfully sat there smelling the sheepy wool and telling me how wonderful the lanolin felt on his fingers. Punishment backfired, he enjoyed every second of it.   Then I went to work getting his measurements.  Oh boy.  The back of the sweater is smaller then the smallest size listed and the front is a medium to accommodate his belly.  Completely custom.  He doesn't make things easy, that man, but I love him.

I promptly discovered that I didn't mind at all that the yarn wasn't going to reside permanently with me, because my eyes, nose and skin itched like mad within about 5 minutes of starting his "waistcoat", making it difficult to work on for an extended period of time.  Then summer came and his project took a backseat to other, smaller, more warm weather appropriate projects.  

I got it out again a few weeks ago when the cooler weather arrived (and he had asked me about 5 times when I would have it finished)  I finished the back and went in search for buttons.  Thank the powers that be for Etsy.  I emailed him a list of links and he picked the buttons that I would have picked myself, so predictible.  A special thanks to Lulu's Emporium for having exactly what I needed!

I blocked it last night.  The buttons were in the mail box today.  Nice right?  It should be dry by tomorrow.  Finished this weekend with a picture to share next week.  A happy man with his new, custom, daughter made waistcoat.  P.S.  I have 2 balls left.  What should I do with them?

09 November 2010

Pumpkin Pound Cake with Buttermilk Glaze

Cooking Light came through for me with this recipe.  Mine didn't look this pretty, but it was moist and tasty.  I think I would like to try it with a gooey, nutty layer in the center, or on top, or both.  Enjoy!

Pumpkin Pound Cake with Buttermilk Glaze

Cheeseburger Soup

 I can only describe this as comfort food.  Pure and simple comfort food.  I kept dipping my spoon in the pot while it was simmering away.  I got caught a couple of times and had to share my spoon.  But I like him, so I didn't mind :-)   As much as I would like to make a batch of this every week, my waistline has gone down a couple of inches lately and I don't think it would be to happy with me if I did indulge that often.  But every once in a while, I will be digging out this recipe from my friend Nancy when in need of some cheesy comfort.  Check out the recipe here for your own evening of cheesy indulgence.  

05 November 2010

Lentil Soup on a chilly night

I have been looking for a good lentil soup recipe for a couple of years now, and for some reason have been afraid to make it.  Well, I got the urge again this week and bit the bullet this time!  Here is the recipe I used.   I did follow the advice of one reviewer and added the crushed tomatoes and wine after it had simmered for a couple of hours.  I then used my immersion blender to puree it a bit and it has thickened up nicely.  The corn muffins made a great side for the soup. And yes, I ate all three, with honey!

Thankfully, this made a nice big pot, so I don't have to worry about what to feed my dad for lunch on Saturday.  Mom is having a girls weekend, and since it's hunting season, we will be heading "up north" and I promised her I wouldn't let him starve.  I might even make him some cookies too... if he makes me apple cinnamon pancakes for breakfast!  I think I can persuade him.

Apparently I wasn't the only one with Lentil Soup on my mind this week...  Jennifer at JCasa, a blog that I read often made a different recipe this week that looks equally delish.  I'm keeping it in mind for my next attempt!  Thanks Jennifer for letting me link your post here!

I am welcoming the chillier weather because I LOVE soups.  I have a few others lined up for the chilly nights coming up, so check back soon!