02 November 2009

Flavors of Fall

Dinner last night was pretty basic, burgers, but when Brian found the recipe for Nutty Warm Brussels Sprouts Salad in the October Cooking Light magazine, we had to try it, and it was delicious, with the toasty breadcrumbs, the chopped walnuts and the Brussels Sprouts that were a little browned... Yummmm! I love that color green. This recipe would be great for a fall get-together, even Thanksgiving.

So I mentioned a while ago that Jodi had some great fall cookies that needed a little healthful revamping... I have posted both the Before and After versions on Recipes From The Blueberry Boutique.  Try the re-vamped version if you are looking for some healthy alternatives for baking. I used half white flour and half wheat flour in the recipes, also Agave Nectar instead of sugar (you use a lot less sugar and it's much lower on the glycemic index too!) Thanks for the recipes Jodi, I had a lot of fun testing them!

Bri did as directed and got me a bucky this year!  It's all cleaned, vacuum sealed and waiting in my freezer for winter!

I am making a venison stew in the crockpot for dinner tonight, I will let you know how it turns out! Also, if you have any receipes that need re-vamping, send them on! Here is a little cuteness for you too, they were being nice to each other yesterday, unlike today where Ruger keeps walking on Jag and claiming the warm pillow...he's living up to his nickname today...shit head!
Have a great day!