19 July 2009

1 Year...

Happy Anniversary Honey!  Here's to many more, I love you!

07 July 2009

Wow, Have I Been Busy

It's been busy around here over the past week! Are you ready for some pictures?

My motto must be "Go big or go home" because I have NEVER made a quilt before. But, last week, I found myself cutting up scraps. Laying a sheet out on the floor and piecing it together. I picked up the rows and am ready to start sewing strips. Yeah, it's about 80" x 80". Tiny! :-)

This is what it looked like layed out. Kind of a summery theme. I love the bright colors.

Here it is in rows. I can't wait to start sewing it!

Mom and I went to the Farmers Market in Port Sanilac on Friday afternoon. The hours are 3-7. Isn't that the oddest timing? We got SOOO much good stuff though!

From left to right: Cinnamon Rolls, Bread from the Van Camp House (a really yummy restaurant in Sanilac) Rosemary Garlic Seasoning (we put it on steaks that night and they were incredible) Fresh Peas, Leaf Lettuce, Red Raspberry Leaf and Lemon Balm for tea, a green pepper and some cucumbers, and sausage seasoning that we haven't tried yet. And not pictured are cookies because we ate them!

We saw this really cute car at the grocery store too, it a Smart Woodie, or something like that... check out the mine surf board! Hilarious!

This freighter was cruising past when we got home and the sunlight shining on it looked so cool! I think I did a pretty good job getting this shot.

My in-laws had a chicken BBQ on saturday and it was delicious. It was such a nice, sunny day, it finally felt like summer and I even got a sunburn!  This is the chicken still on the spit. you can see the whole rig. My father in law and his friend Nikola made it a few years ago.

My father in-law and our friend Ivan take the chicken out.

Yeah, check out the reddness! Just think, one year ago we were only a couple of weeks away from our wedding!

After the chicken at the Milos, we put my parents boat in for the first time in YEARS (like 3-4!!!) We took a quick ride up the lake since my mom had never seen the house from the lake since it was built.

Sorry about the crooked picture, it was a little choppy.

Brian is happiest when he is on the water. It would have been even better if he had a fishing pole in his hand!

After checking out the house, we headed back to Port Sanilac to see the fireworks. Dad and I had seen them from the water when I was in High School, but there wasn't enough room for everyone, so most of the mom's stayed behind and all the kids went. Brian had never seen them from the water either, so we had to go! I got some great pictures!

The Grand Finale! How great is that picture with the fireworks reflecting over the water?

Hope you had a great Independence Day!