21 February 2010

The Big Three OH!!!!

I don't like that number!  But I did have a great birthday, regardless.   My hubs, love him, got me a much craved after Kindle!  Lucky girl!  Mom and Dad got me my Serger! (pics soon, I promise)  Very lucky girl!

Mom and Dad came down for our annual girls birthday dinner out and we got to go to The Melting Pot!  It was wonderful! 

All the fab desserts to dip in Amaretto Dark Chocolate Fondue and Bananas Foster Fondue, I think the cheesecake and the strawberries were the best!

On the weekend my aunt and grandparents were all over for our birthdays and mom had Mary, our phenomenal cake lady, make me a cake (Cherry Chunk of course, because when you are making cakes from scratch, Cherry Chips just don't cut it!) it had a button box on top and a ball of yarn with knitting needles.  Mary loves it when we order cakes because she always gets to make something she has never done before...  shells for our wedding cake, a button box, buttons, yarn and needles for my birthday cake!  Thanks MARY!!!  You make the BESTEST cakes EVER!