19 November 2010


I am a sucker for lists.  A sucker.  I make lists for everything.  I carry a notebook in my purse.  All the time! When I have to downsize for fancy occasions, I kind of go into panic mode...  It's a little frightening!

This weekend, I have a list.  The hubs is heading to the lake to keep hunting, so I plan on some VERY serious sewing.  I have a big list.

See, it's big, and this is only part of it, because somethings can't be added to that list because people might see.

My list also includes Apple Cookies and Pumpkin Cookies, when I'm not sewing, oh, or knitting, cause I have some of that to do, too.  I also get to puppy sit for the next week.  Our friends are going on a family vacation so Atlas is staying at our house.  This was taken tonight, about an hour after I brought Atlas home.  I think they might be friends by tomorrow :-)  Just maybe...  (uh, yeah, that's some of the fleece for the blankets.  There is another bag the same size next to it.)

I will miss these two furry faces this weekend though.  I took this a couple of weekends ago at the lake.  They were watching me eat breakfast.  Cute, right?

Have a happy and productive weekend!


  1. Lock at Mackie! He's so darn cute :) Hope your list got whittled down this weekend!

  2. Hey! I got a little bit done. I am taking the fleece blankets to mom and dad's for the holiday weekend. I need a space where 2 or 3 animals aren't walking around on it while I am trying to lay it out. I love Mac, he really can communicate with you.

  3. Okay, the list obsession settles it. We ARE the same person. ;) I buy the $1 notebooks at Michaels/Joanne's when they are cute, and stash them everywhere. Purses, bags, drawers, in the cars... I'm obsessed. :)

  4. @Threadless

    Ha! We have to get together IRL SOON! I don't like the little notepad I have in my purse from Michaels right now. It's cute, but the paper tears easily and I am always losing pages in my purse. We can go on a new notepad hunt!