13 March 2011

Summer Nightie/Tank Top

This turned out really cute.  It's the Summer Nightie/Tank from One Yard Wonders.  I need to wait for hubby to be around later today to help with the strap positioning on the back, but I pinned it so that I can post pics now.
I don't have pretty doors like some other people do
This was really quite simple once I actually took the time to sit down and read through the directions.  I think I could have had this done in just an hour or so if I hadn't gotten overly obsessed with flickr and google to see what other people thought about it.  And if I hadn't decided to be all fancy schmancy and do a cute stitch on my bias tape.  That was a learning experience.  I made the medium cup size, probably should have done the large, but you live and learn, and I have this same fabric in blue too, so I might make another one.  Oh, yeah, and this is definitely going to be a tank, NOT a nightie.  For one, I don't do nighties, I don't like to be tangled, shorts and tanks or PJ pants and hubby old t-shirts for me.  And second, my ass hangs out.  A lot.  So it's a tank for sure.
I think it looks really cute with the sweater from Kohl's that I have been searching for something to wear with.  Great, now that winter is almost (hopefully) over, I have an outfit!  Oh, and I found out that it's REALLY hard to sew with a cat on your back....

Once I reached around to pet him I realized that he was toasty warm in that spot because the space heater was blowing on him!  And everyone thinks he's a dumby.  Nope, not this boy.  Oh, yeah, and this was one of the times I spent more time than necessary reading unrelated blog posts because I just didn't have the heart to move him.  

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