28 March 2009

2 bags done...

I had a busy weekend... a baby shower, the gym and 2 birthday bags to sew. I finished Sophie and Jamie's totes this weekend. Sophie's bag is sparkly with butterflies and Jamie's has pirates. They are both lined and have straps and I am very proud of myself! I am loving sewing! I also finished 3 skirts, but I haven't been able to get pictures yet, so hopefully I can show them to you next week. I have also been working on a coupleof purses, so maybe I will have them to show you too!

Sophie's Birthday Bag
Jamie's Birthday Bag
2 cute bags at my house and I can't wait to make more!

I was really busy in the kitchen after I posted my blog last week. I had taken a cooking class with my mom to make pierogies. The instructor sent the remaining potato filling home with me, so I ended up making another 4 dozen pierogies on Wednesday afternoon.   I have 2 more bags in my freezer now that are twice as full!

Have a great weekend. Mom and I will be in the basement working on scrapbooks

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