30 April 2009

You and me goin' grillin' in the dark...

Ok, so I know it's really fishing in the dark, but we got a late start on dinner last night and our yard light needs a new light bulb, so we were grilling by flashlight.

It didn't seem to hamper the outcome though... our first attempt at grilled pizza was a home run!

I made the dough in my food processor and used the recipe in the manual/recipe book. It has basil and parmesan in it and made 2 thin crust pizza's. Perfect for us since Brian likes a lot more onions than I do.

We had some leftover chicken that we just chunked up, we carmelized some red onions, assembled our work tray, and headed out with the flash light.

First, we brushed the grill with oil, then put the crust on until one side was nice and toasty, then we flipped and added pesto, spinach, chicken, onions, feta cheese, and an italian blend and let the other side cook.
They were delish! We served the grilled pizza alongside Jodi's salad that we are eating everyday this week!

I have to finish some sewing! Happy Weekend!

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