28 May 2009

To make me happy...

It doesn't take a lot... to make me happy. While wondering around Lowe's on Monday afternoon, we came across the key counter. Of course, since I am obsessed with green right now, I had to have this...

A new house key!!! Isn't it so great??? I smile everytime I pick up my keys now. Brian shakes his head. (Underneath it all, he really is amused that it takes so little to make me happy.) And yes, it is bejeweled too! HA!
Also, Jodi's Venison Recipe that I promised you is here!

Our good friends Marie and John were recently engaged and we celebrated last night with a champage (flute rimmed with a strawberry, of course) toast! We made grilled pizza's again, this time introducing a new one. The Margharita. I used some whole wheat flour this time too, instead of just all-purpose.
From Left to Right - Top Row. - Shredded chicken, low-fat feta cheese, sliced fresh baby mozzarella, diced Campari tomatoes.
Bottom Row - Fresh spinach, carmelized onions, Italian blend

From Left to Right - Cooking spray, pesto, tomato sauce, basil, empty beer bottle and one of the crusts.
The finished Margarita, sprinkled with fresh basil.

And for dessert...

Fresh Strawberry-Rhubarb Crisps with French Vanilla Ice Cream. One of my goals this summer is to make homemade ice cream and frozen yogurt! Dad and I pick fresh rhubarb this weekend and I knew that I wanted to make this! I made 4 individual crisps in the French Onion Soup Crocks Melissa got me for Christmas a few years ago. They worked perfectly!

Congratulations Marie and John! We are so excited for you!

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  1. Omg, did you really grill the za? It looks delish and we don't even have to TALK about that dessert! The green key is so incredibly Kelly that it's "Kelly Green". Went to high school with a chick by that name!