24 May 2010

Lunch for the week...

My new fav...  Orzo Salad!  I was at Vince & Joe's a few weeks ago and this salad looked divine...  Well, once I got it home and took a couple of bites I found that there are green peppers in it.  Thankfully I found out before I ate one and my afternoon was spared.  I have a slight allergy/aversion to bell peppers and a few other kinds.  It's not fatal or anything, but it makes for an uncomfortable few hours.  Brian ended up eating the rest of it, but I did figure out what was in it and was able to replicate it perfectly!  Here's what to do...

I have been making a big batch up early in the week and we have had it for our lunches, my dad was even able to have some for his lunch a few times last week and gave it the seal of approval...  Perfect to take to a BBQ (friends and family, you know what I will be bringing this summer) picnics and potlucks.  We are totally diggin' this salad right now!  I am quite proud of myself that I managed this on the first try!  Not really, it's lemon vinaigrette for heaven sake! 


  1. Looks delicious Kels! But really, we have to do something about the pepper thing....xo CU this weekend!

  2. I know, it's obsurd! Definately ready for a bonfire!