14 January 2013


In September, B and I took a long weekend trip to New Orleans.  It was lots of fun, but UNGODLY hot and insanely humid.  We crammed a ton of things into 4 days.  If you are interested in our itinerary, I would be happy to email it to you!

Here are some of the highlights:

Checking out the Cemetery on our city tour our first afternoon.
Our first NOLA dinner at Deanie's Seafood:  A take on their famous BBQ Shrimp Pasta.

B had Crawfish Etouffee.  He loved it!

B's breakfast at The Ruby Slipper:  The Louisianan Omelet

My breakfast:  Eggs Blackstone

Transport Ships at the Naval Base.
These dudes can make it across the Atlantic fully loaded in 6 days.  It was interesting to see how they are loaded.

Algiers Ferry

At the Aquarium

On the Ghost and Vampire tour:  do you see what we see on the left?

My view for most of the trip....

B's first Oyster on the Half Shell.

On our Airboat Swamp Tour
One of the many gators we met.  They love marshmallows.

Finally made it to Cafe DuMonde.  
It was so very worth the wait.

Our last dinner in NOLA -  Coops Place - a little hole in the wall, but don't overlook this gem.

B's dinner at Coops:  Rabbit and Sausage Jambalaya
My dinner:  Red Fish Meuniere - AMAZING!
The family tomb of Marie LaVoie  VooDoo Queen of New Orleans
We stayed at the Sheraton on Canal.  It was a great location and we snagged one of the newly renovated rooms on the 40th floor.  We had a great view!

We could have dove right in to the pool.  But it was FREEZING.  Not even remotely refreshing.

Our last lunch.  I finally got my Shrimp & Grits.  Not my favorite, wish I would have tried it somewhere else.

B's Oyster Po-Boy.  Our favorite PoBoys on the trip were at our first lunch at Mena's Place.  Skip all the other PoBoy hotspots and go here.

Sad B.  His last bite of PoBoy.


  1. Kelly, looks like u and the Bri Guy managed to hit all the hot spots. Great pics!

  2. Thanks! It was fun! I would go back when the weather is a bit cooler though.... it was crazy humid!