20 July 2010

My poor neglected blog.... getting back on track post #2

There is another reason that I haven't been updating as much as I should, but some things can't be shared yet, because they aren't completed!  Things like sewing projects for the shop that I am trying to stock before opening, and knitting things that are gifts!  Not to mention the fact that I neglected my camera for the whole holiday weekend too.  What is wrong with me?

Well, I guess I can show you this...  Finished this weekend: Toasty Mitts from Leslie @ A Friend to Knit With.  I seriously love her blog.  All her knitting projects and the recipes she shares!
And this was such a quick and easy knit.

I had grand plans for little projects for the weekend, Cupcake Mittlets, Toasty, Bella Mittens, a re-usable swiffer cloth, and I only got these done.  (Oh, and the left Cupcake Mitt too, but that was in the car on the way up, so I'm not sure if that counts...)  I spent most of the afternoon and evening on Sunday dragging little Texans around on inflatable boats in the lake!  We had a crowd of people at mom and dad's all day, including our friends 3 grandchildren from Texas who spend 5 weeks here every summer!  It was so much fun!  Not to mention the food.  My dad grilled a whole turkey.  YUM! That's all, just YUM!  More soon, promise, just not sure when.  And possibly a recipe or two...

Oh, I do have a picture to show you...  The Cupcake Mittlets went to Jodi for her birthday!
Nice view I get to knit with on the weekends, right?

Oh, and BTW, RuRu has recently decided that he's got some junk in the trunk goin' on, so he's been getting on the ellyptical daily.

See you soon!


  1. love the leslie mittens :)
    and your beautiful cat reminds me of my beloved PCat from a few years ago :)

  2. Pip, thanks so much to both comments! I can't wait to wear Toasty once it gets cooler here. And that monster is such a lover! He is so funny!

  3. Hey Girl! Was pleasantly surprised to pull up your blog and find that you FINALLY updated! I love love love my new gloves. They are so cool and I feel special that you gave them to me. Ruru workin' it! Lulu sometimes does that too, however she is too skinny, but would like to tone up a bit!!! xo

  4. Glad you like the cupcakes! I love that pattern. I'm trying to keep up with it...