18 January 2012

Resolutions 2012

As I said in a previous post, I tried to be realistic on my resolutions this year.

1)  Keep up with my workout routine - I started back to the gym last summer and I have been pretty good about keeping to my routine.  I generally head there directly from work Monday - Thursday and I get there at least once on the weekends when we stay home.  I have not, however, been good about getting some exercise in when we are at the lake for the weekend.  I am resolving to get better at this.  And to loose it for good.  Slow and steady.

2)  De-clutter certain areas of disorganization - especially old cooking magazines.  (this DOES NOT include Everyday Food, of which I am only lacking about 5 from the beginning, or Cuisine Magazines.)  Cooking Light recipes are all being saved on Pinterest.  Possibly work through a couple of my favorite cookbooks and give a review...

3)  Get better about planning meals ahead.  This includes batch cooking for the freezer and possibly doing a big cooking day every few months.  My hubby has been great about cooking since I have been going to the gym, but he needs to get there too, so crock-pot, made ahead meals and easy things for him are on my agenda.  Also, planning meals using pantry items instead of buying all ingredients.

4)  Spend more time here.  I have been negligent and that really bothers me.  I like it here, that's why I started this blog.  I want to get on a better blogging schedule.  At least once a week to start with and increase from there.

5)  Make a dent in my reading list.

6)  Complete UFO's in my knitting and sewing que.  Including finishing another quilt and dad's vest.

7)  Make more of an effort to get things on Etsy and work on promoting my shop.

8)  Find a job that i truly enjoy and that makes me feel fulfilled.  Not sure right now what that is, I have an idea, but I'm just not sure how to get there.

Like I said, trying to be realistic.  I think most of these are do-able, but they at least give me something to think about.  I KNOW I won't make it through my reading list (more on that soon), but I've been working through it lately and will share what I've been enjoying.

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