05 February 2012

More Slipper Love...

I LOVE it when patterns are on sale at Joann's.  I have an app on my phone called "ListMaster"  (FREE!) and it is one of the handiest things on my phone.  I keep an list of patterns that I want to get when they are on sale broken down by company, Simplicity, McCalls, Buttericks, etc.  and another list of patterns that I have in my collection already.  So when I see one in the book that catches my eye, I just check my phone to see if I have it already.  If not, in the cart it goes.  This one was $.99.  (SCORE)  Simplicity 2278 includes a women's slipper with 3 sizes and 5 patterns for infants.  Why spend the $17.95 listed price when they go on sale several times a year?  No thanks!

Sorry about the messy sewing room floor...  

I, of course, had to make them given my obsession with all things slippers lately.  And I must say, MUCH faster then knitting a pair.  (Not that I won't be doing more of that too.)  I cut the pieces out last night after I finished mom's laptop cover, and they only took a couple of hours to sew together this afternoon.  I actually did a really SMART thing this time...  I loved the pattern so much that I bought ALL of the supplies at the same time as the pattern.  I knew I had scrappy bits at home that I could use, but the jiffy grip, fusible fleece and interfacing came home with the pattern.  I'm learning!  Oh yeah, and that was back in October, so I'm glad that I miraculously keep everything together for that long.
And the fact that they match my pants is purely coincidental!

The instructions are incredibly easy to follow.  I didn't sit here scratching my head or searching Flickr and Google for hints like I have in the past.  I do however have a few things that I would do differently when I make these again:

1)  I would shorten the strap about and inch (at least) as these were WAY to long for me and I had to move the velcro and re-stitch the end.

2)  I also don't like how they have you sew the velcro to the strap.  I think I would stitch it in place BEFORE the step that has you fold in half and stitch inside out.  It would look much cleaner that way.

These stay on quite a bit better than any of the slippers I've knit, even without the strap.  They will be great for travel or an evening at a friends house (or the in-laws)  since I always take slippers with me, these will be perfect!  I give then 4.5 out of 5!


  1. Those are awesome! I just added them to my list to sew!

    1. You have to make them! So cute and comfy. I want to make another pair already! Such a quick project too! I just got the newest issue of Stitch, so watch for my post on the Lola clutch soon.... I just have to sew the lining in. That's another easy one and REALLY cute too!