16 September 2010

Easy Lace Shrug

I love this project so very much.  I love it.  I love the lace, and the way it looks, and the way it fits, and I would really like to have one for myself.  Actually, that's not quite true, I do have one for myself.  It is a deep green and it's beautiful (photos when the weather gets a bit cooler), but what I really want is one in this fab Champagne color..

Great, right?  Goes with everything, huh!

Yep, that's why I want one for me....  But, being the generous, wonderful, giving person that I am, I don't have one for me yet...  Until now...  I made one for my mom for Mother's Day, and that's when I really fell in love with the color, so I went out and bought the yarn and made another one.  Well, the fam was all together to celebrate my Grandpa's 90th Birthday, (yes, 90th and he is great!) and Bri and I were heading out to the back yard at the lake house to get some pics finally when my Grandma saw me and went nuts.

About 4 years ago, my Mom, Aunt, Grandma and myself flew to Washington to see our family there because my Grandma's brother wasn't well,  and she wanted to see him and her sister and our cousins and the old family home on Whidby Island.  So, we made a trip of it and we stayed in Bothell with my Great Aunt Phyllis and Great Uncle Francis.  I, of course, took my knitting with me everywhere, because we were in the car a lot.  My Aunt was amazed that I could knit and carry on a conversation at the same time and always asks my Grandma what I have been working on.  Well, Grandma asked if I would knit another shrug for her to send to Washington and I gave her this one after the photo shoot!  She was thrilled and mailed it out that Monday.  I am so glad that I could do this for her!  My Aunt was thrilled when she got it in the mail and wore it several times that first week and has already received countless complements on it!  She loves it and raves about the fact that she has a hand knit from me, so that makes it all worth while!  Oh, and I just found out that my cousin Allison, who I was sitting and talking to on my visit has now started knitting and is currently working on her first shawl!  Yippee!  A convert!

So with this post, I have cast on the shawl that will be mine (God willing) and I will have a completed one within the month!  What are you working on right now?

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