08 September 2010

Spending time...

Spending time at the park by Gabby and Gup's house
I got to spend a week at the lake with my favorite kiddos in early August.  That is when the weather is the best.  The lake was perfect.  We spent hours swimming, jumping off the neighbors raft, floating on anything floatable, searching for the perfect rocks and shells, picnicing, eating and making new friends!  I loved spending so much time with them and really hope that Melissa and Dave let me steal them away for a week every summer!  Jamie kept saying that he wanted to come back for a few more days!  I love that!
I can't believe she is 5'1"!!!

Sophie and Jamie on the St. Clair River on the Lightship Huron.
We fed Pringles to the friendly squirrel in the park
We visited the Lightship Huron and saw the Bluewater Bridge.

Sophie and Jamie on Lake St. Clair
They even got to perch fish with Gup and their dad before they went home!  

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