09 September 2010

Saying goodbye and a new beginning!

It's no secret that I have been having some computer issues lately...  So it finally happened that I had to say goodbye.  After coming home from my week at the lake, I had a few days with no hassle.  That was short lived.  I headed to Best Buy for a cheap Netbook to hold me over until I can (hopefully) afford my Mac.  It's a dream, I know, but I REALLY want one.  Not and I Pad, I already have a my beloved Kindle, but I want a MacBook.  Most of my pics and material were backed up on my external hard drive, but not everything, so I lost a few pics in the process, but nothing entirely devastating.  I am, however having a very complicated time of getting my iTunes on to the new computer.  It's quite frustrating...  quite!

Just a day after we got the computer, we had a couple of tornadoes go through and lost power for almost 24 hours!  Thank goodness the power came back on before the weekend, because our dear friends Marie and John were married that Saturday!  We are so very happy for them and had a great time!  The food at the reception was incredible.  Traditional Italian Antipasta, Soup, Salad, 2 Pastas, beef and the most amazing chicken dish with veggies and potatoes.  And not only did they have wedding cake, but a HUGE, and I truly mean HUGE dessert table with fruit, pies, cakes, candy, chocolate covered everything and an espresso bar!  Wow, the food.  Seriously!  Amazing!

Marie and her dad.  She looks like a princess!

Marie and Kelly

Brian with the newlyweds

Me with John and Marie
The Not-so-Newlyweds!

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