07 September 2010

A whole lot of nothing...

So I had a bunch of posts lined up, and I am still going to try to post them all this week, so watch for them...  really, I am still going to put them out here in the blogosphere, even though they begin almost a month ago!

1)  First off, I got to spend a whole week with my favorite 2 kiddos at the lake!  Look for this post on Wednesday!

2)  I got home and the computer worked fine, 2 days later, nothing.  No amount of beating, swearing, moaning, etc. would make it turn back on, so I have a new computer....  Look for this one on Thursday!

3)  I finished a project and it was a doosey!  Look for this one on Friday!

For now, here is a little sneak peak of our week at the lake!

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